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Tyrion Right
Tyrion Right
Tyrion Face



Edition: 1 to 2 molds (55-100)


Little Bits to Classic Scale

Miniature Horse Stallion



L: 4.75 Inches

W: 1.25 Inches

H: 3.5 Inches


Completed: May 2015


About the piece:

Tyrion is the little horse with the big personality.  We all know the one, he struts around the field knowing he is superior to the others.  He rules the roost!

I wanted to see just how much punch I could pack into such a tiny package.  He is going to be a joy to paint as he has lots of fun little wrinkles and details.  His mane and tail are very intricate  and dynamic as he shows everyone who the man really is in the pasture.

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