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Edition Closed!
Thank you all for your amazing support! 

Traditional Scale Mustang Mare

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Dust is flying, heels kick up and squeals are heard far and wide! A battle is happening and it's quite the sight! Juggy kicks up his heels trying to fend off Ankle Biter, but much to his surprise she not only ducks out of the way, she twists mid duck to bite back! Whoa! What is he in for?! Better question is...what did he do to provoke this rage? hehe 

Long ago I decided that Juggy needed someone to spar with. I kicked around ideas for a while (pun intended!) and thought that another piece representing my own journey would be the only way to go. In the initial battle with cancer when Juggy was born, I lost much of what made me female and had to redefine what that looked like. My hair, breasts and ability to have kids were all casualties in the fight for my life. Thankfully the hair grew back. haha! But it took some serious rethinking of what it meant to be female, so I figured it would be perfect to have a mare represent this second half of the story. She needed to be strong, agile and fierce. Dodging the kicks of life (and Juggy) and coming right back at 'em.


I wanted to challenge myself to make a dynamic piece and really show off the equine form in extreme motion. Biter dodges out of the way only to twist right back, teeth bared and ready for her shot. Juggy doesn't know what he is in for!


The battle is constant. In my head at least. I'm sure my body fights too. DNA repair cells working to keep recurrence at bay. Did you know that up to 30% of breast cancer patients have a recurrence? That's a pretty high number.... Terrifyingly high when you've already gone through it once. They tell you it could come back in nasty places like the blood, bones or brain. I know a few people who have already had recurrences and had a friend pass recently. It amps fear up and you worry about each little thing. Headache? Bone pain? It's all enough to bring that fear back up. An endless fight in your head and heart and probably in your body too. Trying to ward off the potential of another rumble with the C. It's a wild feeling. 


Juggernaut was my battle with Cancer. He bucked and kicked and made it through. He helped me to make it through, and to find myself again.


Biter is the continued fight. She will help me keep fighting and help me give back as well. We've all been through so much and with such a crazy world I think her rage and fierceness really are needed in this time. A lot went into her strength so that she may be a pillar for others too. 

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🎗️ $10 from each Ankle Biter sale will be donated to help breast cancer so that we can keep the fight going! 

The charity is RETHINK Breast Cancer 9www.rethink breast , a charity that myself and others I know have been personally helped by. They are an amazing group working tirelessly to help improve the lives, treatment, research, recovery and wellbeing of those touched by breast cancer. Specifically those younger ladies struggling with being totally thrown into a hard diagnosis so early in life. They have a specific Metastatic Breast Cancer Fund and advocate strongly for those under their wings. They are a team of guardian angles working to bring together community and defeat this terrible disease.  They are one of the most forward moving and active organizations within the cancer world and it’s my honor and pleasure to be able to give back to such a wonderful charity.  

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Happiness Cultivate Twitter Header (Email Header).jpg
Edition Information

Open Edition for 3 months 

March 27th to June 30th


Height  13.5 inches

Length 9.5 inches

Width 6.5 inches

Wire reinforced back legs and hollow cast in high quality artist resin.

Available unpainted only and requiring minimal prep and primer to paint.

Optional base available separately $30USD shipping additional if not shipped with Ankle Biter

Biter will come with lots of fun swag including stickers. One of which is a special "Guardian Angel" sticker design created specially for the help this will provide to rethink and others struggling through breast and metastatic cancer. Any items created with this design will have a portion of the proceeds going to rethink too! 






Guardian Angel Sticker

Completed: March 2022

Paid in Full (PIF) and Time Payments Available
A special "Golden" prize will be drawn for out of the first 20 PIF Orders! (you're going to FLIP when you see this!!)

Maybe even TWO chances at an initial “Golden” Prizes!
Note: Because Early Access is available to club members and I want to ensure everyone had a shot at this epic prize… this is the plan: 
Up to 10 PIF orders from the Early Access group will count towards the initial “Golden” prize. Allowing for 10 PIF orders from public PIF orders.

If Medallion Club Early Access PIF orders reach 20 I’ll add an additional “Golden” Prize for Early Access, which would give TWO “Golden” prizes in the first 40 PIF orders total. 
- One for the first 20 Early Access PIF orders
- One for the first 20 Public PIF orders 

More "Golden" prizes will be dispersed through the run but the first one is extra special!
”Golden” prizes will be added based on castings sold so that they are dispersed through the run as evenly as possible.

Please note that because this is an open edition, wait times for shipping may vary depending on how many orders we receive. It could be 10 it could be 100. A list will be made of orders as they are paid in full and you'll be kept in the loop with shipping times as much as possible as we go.

PIF Orders - $445USD ppd to USA or Canada. International additional 
Australia, Ukraine and Russia are currently quite high for shipping rates. Other international Locations add $40USD

Time Payment Orders - $470USD ppd to USA or Canada. International additional 
Time Payments will be available over a period of 5 months with a deposit of $80USD. Deposits and payments are non refundable. A deposit holds your casting(s) until payments are completed. Payments can be completed at your own pace and may be finished early to get your Biter sooner than 5 months. It is suggested to make at least one payment a month, they will not be automatically taken out of your account by PayPal and must be manually made. Adding a reminder in your phone or on your calendar is handy for this.   Keep us in the loop of changes to the payments as needed.

Castings can be shipped directly to artists. Please include this in your purchase notes or email us. Emails will go out to confirm shipping addresses before castings ship.

I am the storm sticker design
Included with Biter!
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