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"Love Warrior"


Open Edition - Feb 7- March 31

Venti (Apx CollectA sized)

$120USD PPD (North America)

Additional $7 to ship outside of North America

Fjord Gelding

There is something about a kind, well mannered teddy bear of a gelding. What could make that combination sweeter than also being a handsome and beautifully built Fjord?! They catch out eyes at shows and out and about at events. Is it their fantastic build, their personalities or just their mohawked splendor? Fjords hold a place in all of our hearts and we definitely don't see enough of them out in the model world.
This little guy has been around for a while. Geordi LaFjord, his traditional scale counterpart, was my third original sculpture and has long been a favorite of my collectors. Back several years ago I was hoping to scan and shrink him but the price was so prohibitive that I wasn't able to. Instead I sculpted a different variation, a stallion, and he became his own unique spirit. Now, with the technology allowing for it, I have finally done what I had hoped to all those years ago! Not only that, but I also have been able to do the variations I had wanted to see too! Fjords are known for their stylish manes and there are so many options for different clips and each makes them SO unique! I hope you enjoy my choices and have fun with the gambler's choice style! I always love a little surprise and this makes getting a box even that much more fun! Which one will YOU get?
Venti scale is a lovely size for both collecting and painting. Not too big on the shelf (more ponies YAY!) and not too small to see when painting and admiring!
Fun Fact!
Geordi was actually a sculpture that almost never made it into the world. He fought me tooth and nail for many years and finally a friend convinced me to just "cast him already!". Well, I am glad I did! Sometimes the ones that fight you are the best kinds of sculptures and souls. They teach so much along the way and even if I didn't see how adorable he was at the time (probably because he made me so mad), I did know that sometimes I don't see their full potential. This boy surprised me! I hope he brings some of that Fjord magic to your herd.
Edition Information

OPEN EDITION - Feb 7 - March 31 2021

Cast in white polyurathane resin - unpainted


Height: 8.5cm (3 7/16 inches)

Length: 13.5cm (5 5/16 inches)

Magnetic hooves and base! That means he can stick to anything magnetic or metal for performance set ups or display!

Comes with 1 of 3 fun fjord stickers!

$120usd (PPD in North America) $7 additional anywhere else. 

$5 off for each additional casting for combined shipping.

Time payments available up to 3 months. Please contact for this option. 

Completed: February 2021

*The artist reserves the right to end the edition at any time.

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