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Updated: May 4th

Shipping Batches are listed Below with approximate shipping dates where available. Dates are estimated 1-2 months out so they are as accurate as possible

Unexpected delays have pushed the initial batches back a bit to ensure her fit to her base is just right. Thank you for your patience! 

Batches are set at 2 weeks apx between the initial two batches (20 castings each)  and 1 week for the rest (10 castings each)


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Batch Anaconda - May 1 - Mostly Shipped
Batch Barracuda - May 15
Batch Crocodile - May 22
Batch Dingo - May 29
Batch Eagle - TBD
Batch Gnome - TBD
Batch Honey Badger - TBD
Batch Iguana - TBD
Batch Jackalope - TBD
Batch Komodo Dragon - TBD
Batch Lobster - TBD
Batch Megalodon - TBD