Image by Nikolay Tchaouchev

Biter Shipping Updates
Updated: Aug 3

Shipping Batches are listed Below with approximate shipping dates where available. Dates are estimated 1-2 months out so they are as accurate as possible

With BreyerFest behind me, things are starting to get back on track again with these ladies! Thank you all for your patience! I am working hard at getting these out for you! 


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Batch Anaconda - Shipped
Batch Barracuda -  Shipped
Batch Crocodile - Shipped
Batch Dingo - Shipped
Batch Eagle - Apx Aug 14
Batch FEESH -Apx Aug 28
Batch Gnome - TBD
Batch Honey Badger - TBD
Batch Iguana - TBD
Batch Jackalope - TBD
Batch Komodo Dragon - TBD
Batch Lobster - TBD
Batch Megalodon - TBD
Batch Nile Crocodile - TBD
Batch Opossum - TBD
Batch Piranha - TBD
Batch Queen Snapper - TBD