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Well well well…what have we here! Spring has sprung and foaling season is upon us and look who has been keeping a secret!! Elphaba showed up one day through the clouds with a little zoomy tagalong! Meet Dash! This spunky little one gets some serious zoomies and loves poofing through the clouds and chasing birds in the skies. He might get his athletic ability from his mama I think.

They make a beautiful pair when displayed together and he is adorable just by himself too!

I am so excited to see the bird inspired and fantastical colors for this little one! Feel free to customize him or remove his wings and make him more realistic or even more fantastical too!

While this little one is a light of spring and signifies joy and new life, he also represents the little ones that that make their way back up into the clouds far too soon.

I hope you enjoy this little guy and I hope we see some Mother and Son pairings too!

Are you in the club and want to add more of these handsome guys to you herd before he retires? Just contact me via email before March 31st.

Not in the club? Find out all about it and sign up here

The newest medallion can be purchased as an add on by new club members only until the end of the month

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