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Here are some sneaky peeks for the Sept/Oct Club Box, including the new medallion!


This box is halloween/spooky themed for your enjoyment!


Shipping Nov 1

Please share the link but don't share images

so people can stay surprised if they want to!


Peek 1


Peek 2


Peek 3

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Peek 4

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Meet Eternal!


This magical Kirin is older than the winds and he has observed the world through its' endless cycles. He prefers to reside in forests, surrounded by the old growth and tree spirits that still remember times gone by.

He reflects upon the joys and sorrows of mortal beings, the endlessness of time, and how things seem to find their center eventually. 

Good with evil, dark with light, and chaos with order

Kirins are also thought to be symbols of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success and longevity. May he bring you many blessings and good fortune!