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I hope everyone had the BEST holiday! It's not quite over yet either. We have the holiday box of awesome headed your way very soon! This medallion just makes me squeel! It was one of those that really was bossy and told ME what to do. It is a bit different... so I hope you love it just as much as I do! It's kind of a two for one.... ;) 

There is a little bit of attitude and personality in this one, more than the usual even. That is all I can say before I spoil it.... and remember

Please share the link but don't share images
so people can stay surprised if they want to!

Who Are We

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The Drama Club! 

(Bert and Ernie)

Ernie was a small, but mighty donkey who lived on a farm with his best friend, Bert the llama. He was always full of energy, and had a real taste for treats. Ernie loved exploring the farm, eating apples, carrots, and cookies and getting into mischievous adventures with Bert.

Bert, on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic about life at the farm. He was grumpy and often complained about Ernie's tomfoolery. But despite his grumpiness, Bert really did care about Ernie and was always looking out for him.

Whenever people would visit the farm, Ernie was first to the gate to see if they brought goodies to eat and would scratch his ears. It left Bert scowling in the background. Secretly Bert wanted the treats and attention too but he had appearances to keep up. It wasn't proper to let people see into his soft and gooey heart. What would the goats say? They gossiped about him already! Foolish little silly things.

It was always endless drama with these two. It left their owner and any visitors in stiches with their antics. They were so silly it was hard to take them seriously. They make quite the pair!

Together or separate, these two are each a bundle of personality and adorableness! While sculpting Bert, he loudly brayed that he required a friend because he was lonely with just him.  It seemed like a pair of judging eyes popped out of nowhere from behind Ernie and thus Bert was born. 

It was super fun to sculpt a non equine and I think llamas are fantastic! I hope you enjoy this pair and their dramatic personalities. They fit the drama masks of Comedy and Tragedy quite well I think! 

Nov Dec Sticker! Holographic Sketch Style Dream Pony

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