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Wooo! This one brings back some feels! I can't wait to show you more of this one. It is meant to reconnect you with your horse loving heart and some core memories. The sticker is a bit out of the box for what I have been sending but I think it really fits us horse crazy people! 

Horses are special beings. Their energy and beauty really are unmatched. There is something about them. Obviously, we are drawn to them for a reason. They heal the heart and show us beauty and strength still exist even in the dark times. 

I had a pretty rocky upbringing myself and for me, horses gave me something to focus on and keep my head above water. I didn't even have access to real ones at the time. Just reading stories about them, watching movies and looking at books and magazines allowed me to create a beautiful world in my head. A world that didn't include yelling, screaming, pain, fear, danger and heartbreak. I was made fun of for it, but had people known it was the only thing keeping me alive, they might have thought differently.  I know I'm not alone, and that there are all too many stories where horses helped make a special space for most of you. Maybe things weren't so bad but they helped just a little. Or they were that beautiful dream and goal, where you knew the horse you wanted and had great plans for all of the adventures you would have together. <3 

May they keep on being a portal to magical things for all of us! 

Please share the link but don't share images

so people can stay surprised if they want to!

March April Sticker

Who Are We

Peek 1

Flash 1_edited.jpg

Peek 2

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Peek 3




Some of my most vivid memories are the times I spent with horses. I took riding lessons in my late teens and twenties and there was nothing better than opening up that barn door and having all the crud just dissapear from my brain. Nothing else mattered once that scent hit and I could fill my senses with all things horse. The sound of hooves and happy hay munching, friendly nickers once I was noticed and treats sensed. There isn't too much better than all of that. It was the best kind of therapy for the soul. 

I hope Flash brings you back to some happy memories and helps soothe your soul a little in these most challenging times. The outside of a horse really is good for the inside of all of us. It's why models can be so magical. Not everyone has access to horses in their day to day lives and models help bring them to all of us in a much more accessible way. poop or vet bills! 

Maybe this guy will make a portrait for a special horse you once knew, the stall has a space where you could easily add a name and there is a special engraving underneith too. Flash is sculpted to be a Sporthose/TB/Light WB type so that he would be flexible enough to suit many of the horses in our lives. May be inspire the most beautiful colors and happy memories! <3   

If you're in the club and would like to order an additional casting or more, please contact me before the end of March. Members will have the whole month to order more and then his edition will be closing up.

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