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Peek 3




This month's handsome face is Zysis! A dragon pony of pretty epic proportions (unless you count his height!). He likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas and hoarding shiny treasures...oh...and lots of snax!

It is fun to take some artistic liberties with the more fantastical sculptures and this one has a soft molten spot in my heart. I love me some reptiles, dinos and dragons and so a combination of these elements with equine spunk really hits the spot for me! Hopefully you all enjoy it too! 

The inspiration for the pose is the knight piece in chess with a bit of an ironic twist considering you'll need a knight to catch this bad boy. Even more fun is the full body view! I wanted the more majestic view of the head and neck here for the medallion but in the lineart you can really see his true majesty.... who hasn't known a pony that is part dragon, right? 

The thought of him scampering around on those stubby legs toasting things with his dragon breath and tossing anyone brave enough to try to ride him brings my heart much joy! I hope it does for you too! 

Thank you for letting me embrace the wild side with this guy and may his fantastical self inspire the most artistic colors and sparkles and colorshifts you can dream up! 

Zysis Lineart.jpg

Are you in the club and want to add more of these handsome guys to you herd before he retires? Just contact me via email before Sept 30th.

Not in the club? Find out all about it and sign up here

The newest medallion can be purchased as an add on by new club members only until the end of the month

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