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It's the time for spooky and magical things to come out and play! 

That means there is a bit of wild magic coming in this box! This is a very exciting one. The sculpture is a nod to two previous works of mine that have a special place in my heart. Let's see if you can guess who they are!  

The wind howls and rustles the trees and the glow of the full blue moon casts shadows that dance and play tricks on your eye.....


Please share the link but don't share images
so people can stay surprised if they want to!


Peek 1


Peek 2

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Peek 3

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Meet Hiroshi. In Japanese, his name means "wide forest". Being a eternal being of the enchanted woods, it is more than fitting. His wild locks have trapped some vines and leaves along his adventures through his forest. You can almost hear the leaves rustle and his swift feet on the mossy ground as he leaps around checking on his forest friends. This night, the moon is full, a blue moon. It aids in his magic and feeds his soul with its cool light. 

This piece was so fun to sculpt! Not only is he a fun and magical being, he is a nod to the forest unicorn drawing from my Just About Horses article a few years ago and  to my first medallion, Flying Free. Flying Free started a magical journey for me 12 years ago, both into medallions and original sculpture. It is so exciting to see how much my skills have evolved over the years. 

To make things a bit more fun (and because it had to happen), 5 pieces are cast for the medallion club with a vibrant glowing blue moon behind Hiroshi! It is Halloween after all! because of the nature of the glow pigment and the time to add the effect, it wasn't possible for the whole edition. I hope those that are lucky enough to find one in their box enjoy him! You can use a clear gesso, or mask over the moon part to paint Hiro and enjoy him with his special magic!  

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