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A special treat inside this box is a painted Tater Chipz medallion! This guy was shipped out to one lucky member in their Jan/Feb box for FREE! 

I hope to do more fun things like this for the club going forward! Who doesn't love getting something that doesn't need paint and that you might not otherwise be able to have for your collection? 

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Shorty was a miniature horse that I met a long time ago and he left a mark. I have met many minis in my life but this guy was full of sass and michief enough for 10 minis! He passed a little while ago and I am sure he is kicking up all sorts of trouble over that rainbow bridge. So it was only fitting his fiesty self be immortalized in a sculpture so everyone can enjoy his spunk and sass.

Miniature horses are HUGE personalities in TINY bodies and are just TOO fun to be around (and to paint!). Some of the lines of miniatures are very arabian like with their elegant arching necks and dainty heads... but don't let that fool you, they are tiny troublemakers! All of the colors of the equine rainbow (and more) are available to you to paint this firey boy too! Minis come in some pretty wild ones and it is going to be hard to decide on just one I think! Do you go with a gorgeous smokey black, wild leopard appaloosa, spunky chestnut sabino, stunning silver dapple, fleabit flash, ravishing roan? I'll stop with the alliteration now.. haha 

Minis are a challenge to sculpt because your brain wants to read them as a pony, but their features are pretty distinct to miniatures and they are really tiny horses vs ponies in many of the lines. 

I hope you enjoy this little man and I have a feeling he will enjoy his new immortal self too. 

Are you in the club and want to add more of these handsome guys to you herd before he retires? Just contact me via email before March 31st.

Not in the club? Find out all about it and sign up here

The newest medallion can be purchased as an add on by new club members only until the end of the month

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