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If you've been watching my lives you know a little about this month's medallion. It's huge, as in the size of my head huge.... it has lots of hair and it's a boy. Did I mention it was huge? I lost my mind a little and got carried away (You might not be surprised with that). So, surprise! Extra big, extra awesome pony is on the way to your herd! 

This guy is going to be a dream to paint with all that romance and hair! 

The best part? YOU helped make him! It was the people's choice survey that helped me choose, by popular vote, what to make for the medallion. A useful adventure that I hope to make a yearly event! The results of the survey will also help fuel future medallions, snax and swag.

Onward to the peeks! 

Please share the link but don't share images
so people can stay surprised if they want to!

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I have to say, you all have amazing taste! This was the people's choice winner! You wanted a Spanish breed, more than just the head but not full body, single horse with no additional items and no background. Unless you count hair as a background... then...well, Sorry not sorry. lol! 

As I pondered this set of suggestions, the amazing Templado came to mind with all of this incredible hair flowing around like he was in a shampoo commercial! I knew I had a plan! I just didn't know how BIG it would be. This boy is just over 8 inches long by 5 1/4 inches!!! He barely made it into the boxes. Ooops. Maybe it was just an excuse to make an epic mane too... who knows and with that result, I don't think anyone will mind. He would also be easy to make into a unicorn or pegasus! So you fantasy lovers will get to play too! 

Amadeus is a spunky mature stallion that knows how to show off for the ladies! With that Fabio hair, it's not hard to enchant anyone! He is an equitation master, so those flying changes and canter pirouettes are en pointe and he knows how to collect to impress! He is not going to lie... those moves have helped with his romantic life too. Thanks humans! He is confident, bold, a little spicy and very fun to ride and watch romp around in the field. There are so many colors that he would GLOW in. The choices are nearly endless. Intended to be an Andalusian, he would make a great mix or other creative breed assignment. 

Enjoy this hunky man!

If you're in the club and would like to order an additional casting or more, please contact me before the end of March. Members will have the whole month to order more and then his edition will be closing up.

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