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"Little Bucker"



White Polyurethane Artist Resin Edition 

Cast with support wires in his legs

Rough Stock Stallion

Micro too small? Traditional just a little too big? How about curio? Ahh....yes, that is just right! Juggy has been mirrored and re-detailed for a comeback! Big enough to pack a punch but not eat up all your shelf space, and also a little easier to get ahold of...this troublemaker is ready to inspire you!
Inspired by the Alberta rodeo circuit and it's amazing broncs, Juggernaut pays homage to an impressive type of equine athlete. They are bred to buck, with a beefy build and bold attitudes! These horses come in endless colors and always are the center of attention. One of the most famous broncs from the Calgary Stampede was Grated Coconut and there is no small amount of his UMPH sculpted in to Juggernaut. Look him up, he was the sweetest Stallion  and great with kids but RANK in the arena.
 I spent many hours at rodeos in the dirt taking hundreds of references for this sculpture. I had dirt tossed in my face, knocked on my butt more than once from a close call, and had many amazing moments as my camera clicked hoping for that perfect moment. Each picture infused energy and the spirit of the bronc into my work and I hope you will enjoy him as much as I have! 
Edition Information


Length  6.25 inches  (Tip of peg to tip of extended hoof)

$120 USD each 

Postage is included for the USA and Canada. 

International Postage is extra

A $10 discount is available for each additional model after the first (Only when ordered at one time to ship together)


His base is separate from the model.


Completed: July 2020

*The artist reserves the right to end the edition at any time.

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