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3D Printed Micro Mini Edition


Rough Stock Stallion

What could be better than the big guy? A super tiny version of course! Smaller makes everything cuter, especially if it is throwing a fit of bucks. Tiny kitten rage. how cute!
Inspired by the Alberta rodeo circuit and it's amazing broncs, Juggernaut pays homage to an impressive type of equine athlete. They are bred to buck, with a beefy build and bold attitudes! These horses come in endless colors and always are the center of attention. One of the most famous broncs from the Calgary Stampede was Grated Coconut and there is no small amount of his UMPH sculpted in to Juggernaut. Look him up, he was the sweetest Stallion  and great with kids but RANK in the arena.
 I spent many hours at rodeos in the dirt taking hundreds of references for this sculpture. I had dirt tossed in my face, knocked on my butt more than once from a close call, and had many amazing moments as my camera clicked hoping for that perfect moment. Each picture infused energy and the spirit of the bronc into my work and I hope you will enjoy him as much as I have! 
Edition Information

Two Month Open Edition - Jan 6th (4pm Mountain Time) to Feb 29th 2020

3D Printed in FormLabs Grey V4 Resin

Length  6cm or just under 2.5 inches (Tip of peg to tip of extended hoof)

$50 USD each 

Postage is included for the USA and Canada. 

International Postage is $7 USD

A $5 discount is available for each additional model after the first (Only when ordered at one time to ship together)


His base is separate from the model. I suggest taking care when putting him on the base or removing it due to the tiny legs. Be gentle as you would with any resin. A trick is to use pressure on his foot with a finger to put him on the base and a gentle wiggle to remove. You can also glue him to the base to secure him.

For those with a Micro-naut reserved:

The balance of the order will be invoiced once the order is ready to ship and will be due within 5 business days. If the balance is not paid the order will be canceled and the deposit kept.

Estimated shipping times will be provided on this page and you will receive an order batch to track here.  



A little about 3D printing

This tiny mite is printed on a Form 3 SLA 3D printer. He is printed at 50 microns which means his layers are smaller than the width of a human hair! How cool!

What is different about 3D printed resins? 

  • The material is 3 time stronger than the traditional Smooth Cast 300 polyurethane resin and twice as flexible.

  • Bath the model with Comet or Ajax to remove finger oils, prime and paint as usual.

  • There are no seams to clean, only small touchpoint where supports are removed and some minor sanding in areas where faint layer lines  may be present and most of touchpoint are cleaned before shipping.

  • They are printed rather than cast and take about 14 hours per batch to complete.

  • The printer uses a UV laser to cure the resin. Yes, laser ponies! Cool, right?

  • The resin does best once it is painted and sealed with UV protective sealant, so paint them up and avoid keeping in direct sunlight or outside. Not that you would do that with regular resin either, but always good to know. 

Completed: January 2020

*The artist reserves the right to end the edition at any time.

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