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Scuttle Butt Shipping Updates
Updated: May 1

All PIF orders will be shipped out this week! Woo! 
May 1-7

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Batch Antling- Shipped
Batch Baby Shark (doo doo do do) -  Shipped
Batch Chick - Shipped
Batch Duckling - Shipped
Batch Eaglet- Shipped
Batch Froglet-Shipped
Batch Goatling- Shipped
Batch Hatchling-  Shipped
Batch Iguanaling -Shipped
Batch JoeyShipped
Batch KittenShipped
Batch Lamb- Shipped
Batch Mooseling- Shipped
Batch Nigerian Goatling- Shipped
Batch Owlet- Shipped
Batch Pup-Shipped
Batch Q -Shipped
Batch R - Currently Shipping

More will be released once these batches ship! Woo!

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