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Get to Know the Artist

Rayvin Maddock is raising the bar for equine sculpture.  She speaks to the spirit of the horse by using her expertise in equine anatomy and biomechanics combined with exceptional composition and gesture.  Filling each sculpture with the essence of the horse she knows so well and trying to speak through their forms. Each piece is a very personal study of an emotion, movement, breed or moment which shows the horse's beauty and soul in a new way. She caters to both private and corporate collections with low bronze edition numbers and exclusive releases as well as larger resin editions to suit every collectors needs.

Finding a special passion for the science behind realistic equine art, Rayvin is always furthering her knowledge.  Attending many equine anatomy workshops, farrier courses and all sorts of continuing education around the horse's form and function, she strives to improve her knowledge every day to better her eye and her art. Seeking always to understand the horse better and their relationship with humans. Learning the dance that is horsemanship and spinning it into sculpture.


Rayvin was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was raised loving horses and attending rodeos and western events.  Her family was involved in breeding Appaloosa horses and ranching in northern Alberta which cultivated her love for these majestic creatures.  

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