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Outlines of sticker and medallion are just examples. Actual medallion and sticker designs are released on the peeks page for each month.

Medallion Club

What is the medallion club?


1 Medallion every 2 months shipped right to your door straight from my studio and cast in high quality resin


New medallions are released in January, March, May, July, September, November

These medallions will be large in size, making them perfect for painting, displaying and collecting. Measuring a minimum of 5 inches by 5 inches (12.7cm by 12.7cm) up to 9 inches (Or 2 smaller medallions in some cases).

1 Year subscribers will receive a FREE exclusive bonus*  

Only $25 USD ($31.50 CAD with GST) per month which breaks down to $50 USD per medallion including shipping*


Shipping outside of the USA and Canada is subject to an additional $7 cost.

Managed through PayPal with their recurring payments, your PayPal account will be charged on the same day of the month that you signed up every month.


Medallions are now exclusive to the club and no public sales of the club medallions will happen going forward. 


  • Club medallions will be available for members to purchase additional copies of (no limit) until the end of the next odd month at club price.

    • Jan Feb ordereable through to the end of March

    • March April orderable through to the end of May

    • May June orderable through to the end of July

    • July Aug orderable through to the end of Sept

    • Sept Oct orderable through to the end of Nov

    • Nov Dec orderable through to the end of Jan


Want more than one medallion from that month? Club Members will be able to buy as many as they would like at club cost ($50USD Postage Included) as they would like!​


Members can unsubscribe at any time through PayPal or contacting me by email.

*Free exclusive bonus to be shipped on the 1 year anniversary month of the subscriber (12 consecutive months from joining date). 



Medallion Club Sign Ups Open 
July 1-18
(Club membership is open on odd months)

Past Medallion Club Pieces


Click here to see the sold out previous medallions!

Medallion Club #34 - Jan/Feb 2023

Elegant Circle Photography Logo (Instagram Post (Square)) (2).png
Medallion Club #32 - Sept/Oct 2022
Forest Unicorn
Medallion Club #30 - May/June 2022
Son of Goliath

DC- Peek 1.png
The Drama Club
Medallion Club #33 - Nov/Dec 2022

Image by Emily Morter
Medallion Club #31 - July/Aug 2022
Teke with Tude and slightly alien
Untitled design (5).png
Medallion Club #29 - Mar/Apr 2022
Arabian Stallion

Sophos (2).jpg
Medallion Club #28 - Jan/Feb 2022
Love Letter to the Lesson Horse

Xato Medallion.jpg
Medallion Club #26 - July/Aug 2021
Comtois Mule from Mulography

Medallion Club #27 - Sept/Oct 2021
Wonder (1).jpg
Wonder and Noble
Medallion Club #25 1/2 - May June 2021
Iberian Mare and Foal

Noble (3).jpg
Medallion Club #25 2/2 - May June 2021
Iberian Stallion

Medallion Club #24 Pegasus Mare
Tuvok & Sarek
Medallion Club #19 Arabian Geldings
Gambler's Choice
Medallion Club #18 Minature Mare
Kitty's Got Pryde.jpg
Kitty's Got Pryde
Medallion Club #16 Quarterhorse Mare
Medallion Club #15 Thoroughbred Mare
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