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Defying Expectations and Stampede Dreams

My dream started with a fuzzy unknown bronze surrounded by amazing paintings and lit from all directions, now it is a reality! I have been accepted into the 2015 Calgary Stampede Art Auction.

Had you told me 3 years ago that the dreams I had for the Art Auction were only a few short years away, I wouldn't have believed you. We set our goals high for a reason and sometimes even we don't believe they are quite achievable. Well, for all those that don't believe they are able to achieve great things, take this as a warning. If you work hard enough and wish strong enough, you may just get what you asked for.

Guardian is a very special piece to me. He pushes the limits of all of my skills because he had to be a special piece. Being just a horse was not going to be good enough. He had to embody the spirit of the horse in my mind and also my own fierce passion and determination. All art is a piece of our soul embeded in paint, bronze or pencil. It is what makes it so vulnerable to create. This was an exceptionally vulnerable experience because not only was Guardian a piece of my soul, but he was attached to a dream that glittered in my mind.

He had to be viewable from all sides, as my intent was to encourage the viewer to touch and turn him. I want them to have trouble picking an angle they like best. The pose had to be dynamic to showcase the athleticism of the horse and my knowledge of the horse's anatomy and biomechanics. I have studied equine anatomy, biomechanics and conformation for years to be able to bring it to bronze in a few level. The rippling muscles in the hindquarters, twisting spine and straining shoulders show the power and tension in the animal. We need to know the rules to be able to bend them for artistic purposes and I thrive on the challenge!

This signifies a magnificent start to my journey into bronze. Guardian sets the bar high for a first piece and I will continue to challenge myself with future pieces. I look forward to exploring the limits of the medium and the subject while playing with the many patinas for bronze.


The spirit of the horse stands strong when threatened and isn't afraid to fight for its family and freedom. It was the majesty of this amazing animal that captured our hearts so many centuries ago, and continues to do so every day. This piece speaks to the determination and fire inside and is dedicated to their wild hearts.


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