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Limited Edition


Little Bit Scale Polish Cold Blood Stallion



L: 5.9 Inches

H: 4.3 inches

W: 1.6 inches


Completed: February 2016


Price: $115 USD ea

Time Payment Deposit - $50 USD ea



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"Mini Geordi"


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Limited Edition


Curio Scale (Between Large SM and LB)

Fjord Horse Stallion



L: 6.5 Inches

H: 4 inches

W: 1.75 inches


Completed: November 2015


Price: $110 USD ea

Time Payment Deposit - $50 USD ea


About the piece: Mini Geordi was created in the spirit of the big guy with some changes! He is now a bulkier stallion based on the heavy horse pull Fjord Horses I was lucky enough to see at a local event. Those wonderful powerhouses deserved some recognition for their temperament, strength and beauty so I created this boy!He is a great size for painting and stands unsupported on his own hooves and tail! He will be a limited edition resin run.


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Edition: 100


Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.5 x 2 inches

                  (Curio Scale)


Completed: Fall 2014


Price: $95 USD each


About the piece: Pym is a little too sleepy to say hello.  However, with a nap and a peppermint she will be glad to meet you!



Solid cast in high quality white resin.


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Edition: 40


Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.25 x 6 inches 

                  (1/6 Scale)


Completed: Fall 2014


About the piece:

Stoic is a portrait of the infamous Spanish Mustang Stallion "Sundowner".  He captures the spirit of the wild horse with his free flowing mane and determined expression.  


Solid cast in high quality white resin




Limited Edition


Traditional Scale

Candian Horse Gelding







Completed: September 2015


About the piece:

Scotty is a Candian Horse, also known as the little iron horse. These beautiful horses have an amazing amount of heart, wonderful builds and versitility. They are quite rare and there are many people working to preserve the breed. 


You can't get anything past this handsome boy. He hears that treat bag crinkle and has put on his best face for the occasion! He knows the cuter he looks the more cookies he gets because you just can't resist that LIP! 


If you don't like that breed assignment he can be many crosses or light draft types.





Edition: 1 to 2 molds (55-100)


Little Bits to Classic Scale

Miniature Horse Stallion



L: 4.75 Inches

W: 1.25 Inches

H: 3.5 Inches


Completed: May 2015


About the piece:

Tyrion is the little horse with the big personality.  We all know the one, he struts around the field knowing he is superior to the others.  He rules the roost!

I wanted to see just how much punch I could pack into such a tiny package.  He is going to be a joy to paint as he has lots of fun little wrinkles and details.  His mane and tail are very intricate  and dynamic as he shows everyone who the man really is in the pasture.