This is for the PDF version of the book, which allows you to print the pages yourself on a variety of papers including heavy weight card stock (for markers and wet mediums). This file is your use only.  Please do not share them with others. Thank you!


Horse of Myth and Legend - Horse lovers rejoice! Fill your world with color and magic with over 38 hand-drawn illustrations of horse inspired creatures out of myth and legend. All of your favorites bring the pages to life, unicorns, pegasus, kirin, sugar skulls, Sleipnir, steam powered and more! The artist's first book "Enchanting Equines" brought you the realistic, now enjoy the fantastic! Let those colors fly and enjoy the magical trip to a mystical world.


-Single Sided Images.

-8x10 formatting for easy framing!

-Quality illustrations, the cover matches the pages inside.

-Over 38 unique hand-drawn illustrations by equine artist Rayvin Brewer.


Pick up those pencils, gel pens, markers and glitter and make some magic!


Images shown are a small sample of what is in the book

Horses of Myth and Legend PDF