$1 from each sticker goes to rethink Breast Cancer!


This piece was created as a spirit of care, love and protection. It is a thank you to those who have loved, supported and cared for those going through hard times, specifically cancer. I had so many that loved and supported me and they were guardian angels in my eyes and those of the universe.


Each Biter will come with one of these as a sticker with metallic gold halo and accents. The design may also be used for tshirts and other items with part of the proceeds going to rethink breast cancer. They help so many and are angels to the community.


I hope you enjoy the piece! It was very emotional to create. I hope the feeling of protection and peace resonates through it!


Sticker size:  HUGE

4.2 inches by 4 inches


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More about rethink


The charity is RETHINK Breast Cancer 9www.rethink breast cancer.com) , a charity that myself and others I know have been personally helped by. They are an amazing group working tirelessly to help improve the lives, treatment, research, recovery and wellbeing of those touched by breast cancer. Specifically those younger ladies struggling with being totally thrown into a hard diagnosis so early in life. They have a specific Metastatic Breast Cancer Fund and advocate strongly for those under their wings. They are a team of guardian angles working to bring together community and defeat this terrible disease.  They are one of the most forward moving and active organizations within the cancer world and it’s my honor and pleasure to be able to give back to such a wonderful charity.  


Guardian Angel Sticker -Metallic Gold Accents