Fredrick! Prince of Floof


Vanners always have spoken of romance to me. The long fabio locks, flowing as they move, their graceful chunkiness and spirit. It's hard to look at a Vanner and not see something beautiful. Fredrick is not yet king, hes young and is still learning the ways of romance. However, he IS prince,  prince of floof! I mean, look at him! So much majestic floof there to behold! He is practicing the ways or romance and learning to woo the humans and ladies, with the most majestic and romantic of the dance moves, the rear! 


Ok, ok, maybe he has watched too much Zoolander... but this may be his 
"Blue Steel"... how about "Le Tigre"?!  Ok ok... he still looks pretty darn good for a beginner.


He should paint up well in any color! Spots, stripes, checkers... err... dapples. The equine rainbow is vast and at your finger tips with this one!


This medallion is cast in white resin and available unpainted only.

 Dimensions are: 7 inches by 4.5 inches


Fredrick Prince of Floof Medallion

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