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Heza Peppy Potater

Au Gratin Tater (Long Banded mane and loose tail)

Affectionately known as "Tater" 

Quarter Horse Gelding

Limited Edition Resin - Limited to two molds


Length - 13 inches

Height - 7 inches

Width - 3 inches



$385 USA

$405 Canada

$425 International

International and Canadian orders will be invoiced for the price differences. Wix won't allow me to do this 


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Limited Edition

Released in Ready to Ship Batches

Traditional Quarter Horse Gelding


Rayvin Maddock


When the rancher’s daughter’s eyes sparkle with dreams of show jumping, rodeo queen glitz and glamour and something called dressage….


What else can a Dad do but put trusty Tater on the job! He knows the gelding is the best he’s got and won’t bat an eye at anything the girl can throw at him. He can hold down a calf just as easily as he can half pass all pretty across an arena or turn a barrel without breaking a sweat. Sound mind and body and a kind heart. They sure broke the mold with that gelding.


He wouldn’t trust his little girl on anything less. That horse looks at her with as much love in his eye as her Pa does and he knows she’s gonna be fine no matter what dreams they chase.


The creation of this lovely potato was with the help of two hobby tack makers to help make him a performance friendly and versatile sculpture! He is meant for the performance ring as much as for halter! Tater is collected, forward and hard working! Ready to take on english, driving, western and anything else you can think of to throw at him! He was built with no base to make it all that much easier.

It was an absolute pleasure to create such a lovely spirited boy. The story above formed in my mind before I even went to sculpt him. His golden heart and try and built into every curve. You can see it in his eye and I LOVE his soul. I hope you do too! I am so excited to see him dressed up in all sorts of duds, showin' off his stuff in the ring and on your shelves! 

His release will be in ready to ship batches for instant gratification! Hopefully this method will work well for everyone and it will mean practically no waiting! 


White Polyurethane Artist Resin Edition Cast with support wires in legs


Comes with swag and stickers 

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Shipping- Models sold before BreyerFest will ship after BreyerFest when I return to the studio


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Au Gratin Tater

SKU: Au Gratin
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